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Here at Nortons we like to keep things simple, and our natural yogurt is no exception. We keep the recipe simple; our own fresh, pasteurised whole milk combined with a live yogurt culture. That is it! No added sugar, thickeners, flavourings, or preservatives.

Natural yogurt - Nortons Dairy, Norfolk

Natural Yogurt

After the culture is added and the milk given a good stir, our yogurt is left to develop in a temperature-controlled bain-marie for 18 hours. The yogurt is then stirred to achieve a smooth and silky consistency before being bottled.

The result is a delicious, creamy yogurt with a smooth flavour. The yogurt cultures we choose promote a sweeter yogurt, meaning there is less of a tang on the palette.

This simple but delicious yogurt is super versatile, lending itself to both sweet and savoury combinations. Perfect when served with fruits and cereals or crunchy granola, can be used in a marinade, made into a dip, or used to cool off a curry. With a three-week fresh shelf life and the ability to be frozen our yogurt is worth keeping a stock of.

In its first year, our natural yogurt was awarded a bronze medal at the 2017 British Cheese Awards.

We supply our yogurt in 1pt bottles making it a re-sealable fridge essential. We can also supply larger 2 and 4pt bottles for catering customers.

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Natural yogurt - Nortons Dairy, Norfolk