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Soft Cheese

Nortons Soft Cheese gets its unique flavour from the quality of our milk. Our Brown Swiss cows produce excellent quality milk for cheese making, being both high in butterfat and protein. Around 80% of the flavour of the final cheese comes from the milk itself, and the depth of flavour present in this fresh, soft cheese is testament to our fantastic milk. We keep things simple, adding only the essentials in the cheese-making process – cheese culture, salt and a rennet suitable for vegetarians.

soft cheese range - Nortons dairy, norfolk

The Original

The founding member in our selection of cheeses and the base for every flavour in the range, Nortons ‘Original’ Soft Cheese is where it all began. This traditionally made cheese is smooth and fresh and follows a production process that has been used for hundreds of years.

In its first year, the judges for the 2012 British Cheese Awards could not have been more complimentary and awarded it with a gold medal, stating “The small attractive fresh cheese has a refreshing citrusy tang and creamy back notes, and it seems to just melt in the mouth – mild and subtle but definitely not bland”.

Our Original Soft Cheese is available in 200g retail packs as well as 500g and 2.5kg catering packs.

Where to buy
Soft Cheese Original - Nortons Dairy, Norfolk


Nortons Soft Cheese with Lavender offers a unique and delicious way to enjoy one of Norfolk’s superb ingredients – Norfolk Lavender. A blend of Norfolk-grown lavender, rosemary and chervil coats the surface, and the flavours are taken on by the soft cheese beneath.

This delicious cheese won the overall award for the Best Flavour Added Cheese at the British Cheese Awards in 2017, making it one of the top ten cheeses in the country that year, and features in the World Cheese Book. Our Soft Cheese with Lavender also won a gold medal at the same awards in both 2012 and 2017. Lavender may not be a flavour for everyone, but this is a cheese not to be missed.

The judges from the Cheese Awards described it as a “rather pleasant and an unusual combination of flavours that play gently across the palate”.

Our Soft Cheese with Lavender is available in 200g retail packs.

Where to buy
soft cheese with lavender - Nortons Dairy, Norfolk


This cheese is certainly one of the most popular flavours with our customers, whether it be the height of summer or the depths of winter. Nortons Soft Cheese with Apricot takes on the natural sweetness of dried apricots, making it particularly morish. Whether it is crumbled over a salad, used in a recipe, or simply spread over a cracker its sure to leave you wanting more.

Our Soft Cheese with Apricot is available in 200g retail packs as well as 500g and 2.5kg catering packs.

Where to buy
Soft Cheese with Apricot - Nortons Dairy, Norfolk


Nortons Soft Cheese with Chilli combines the cool, creamy smoothness of our soft cheese with the heat of fiery crushed chillies. This cheese is a brilliant ingredient to be used in the kitchen, adding heat to a bowl of warm tomato soup and spice to any number of pasta dishes. This cheese is a favourite among those who prefer a bold-flavoured, savoury cheese.

Our Soft Cheese with Chilli is available in 200g retail packs as well as 500g and 2.5kg catering packs.

Where to buy
Soft Cheese with Chilli - Nortons Dairy, Norfolk

Black Pepper & Chive

The new kid on the block, this cheese started out as one of our limited-edition flavours but was so popular that we brought it into the range as a permanent fixture. This undeniably classic soft cheese flavour combination has a subtle warmth from the pepper and a fresh kick from the chive. This cheese is particularly good served warm, either stirred through a bowl of pasta or spread over fresh toast.

Our Soft Cheese with Black Pepper and Chive is available in 200g retail packs as well as 500g and 2.5kg catering packs.

Where to buy
Soft Cheese with Black Pepper & Chive - Nortons Dairy, Norfolk

Limited Editions

As a fantastic opportunity to try out new flavours, look out for our seasonal and limited-edition flavour combinations, only available direct from us or at markets and festivals. This gives us a chance to try out new combinations that vary throughout the year. Flavours produced so far include a festive orange and cranberry, the very popular black pepper and chive and a delicious sun-dried tomato and basil.

Our limited-editions are only available direct from us and are sold in 200g retail packs.

Where to buy
Soft Cheese Seasonal Limited Editions - Nortons Dairy, Norfolk