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Ronaldo Ice Cream

The Norton-Ronaldo partnership has brought together two family-run businesses with the same working ethos; to utilise and celebrate some of the fine produce Norfolk has to offer.

Ronaldo Ice Cream & Nortons Dairy
Ronaldo ice cream logo

We have been supplying the Norwich-based Ronaldo Ice Cream with our pasturised whole milk, direct from the farm since October 2019. Our milk lends itself to the production of superb ice cream due to its high protein and fat content and its unrivalled freshness. The milk is pasteurised-to-order and delivered, first thing in the morning, directly to Ronaldo where it is immediately pumped into the ice cream kitchen to commence production.

The team at Ronaldo create more than 100 flavours throughout the year, using the tastiest local fruits and baking and making their own brownies, sauces and caramels onsite.

For more information and to find out how to get hold of some for yourself, visit their website at Ronaldo Ices.

Ronaldo Ice Cream & Nortons Dairy