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Brown Swiss dairy cows produce a milk that is naturally higher in butterfat, and this means lots of delicious cream. The cream content of the milk is important as it is one of the key components in our soft cheeses, yogurt and butter as well as our standard bottled creams.

Single Cream & Double Cream - Nortons Dairy, Norfolk

Double Cream

When the cream is separated from the milk, it has an extremely high fat content and will set as it cools. In order to produce double cream, we add in whole milk so that the final product is 80% cream and 20% milk.

Our double cream is available in 250ml, 1-pint and 4-pint bottles.

Where to buy
Double Cream - Nortons Dairy, Norfolk

Single Cream

Single cream is a less rich version of double cream and is produced from 40% cream and 60% milk.

Our single cream is available in 250ml bottles and can be provided in 1-pint and 4-pint bottles on request.

Where to buy
Single Cream - Nortons Dairy, Norfolk