The founding star of our cheese portfolio, Nortons Soft Cheese (formally known as St Swithins Soft) is where it all began. The judges in the British Cheese Awards in 2012 could not have been more complimentary: “The small attractive fresh cheese has a refreshing citrusy tang and creamy back notes and it seems to just melt in the mouth – mild and subtle but definitely not bland“.

Nortons Soft Cheese gets its unique flavour from the quality of our milk. Our Brown Swiss cows produce excellent quality milk for cheese making, being both high in butterfat and protein. Around 80% of the flavour of the final cheese comes from the milk itself, and the depth of flavour present in this fresh, soft cheese is testament to our fantastic milk!

A wonderful cooking cheese, Nortons Soft features on the menus of fine dining establishments throughout East Anglia. For recipe ideas, follow this link.