Nortons Soft Cheese gets its unique flavour from the quality of our milk. Our Brown Swiss cows produce excellent quality milk for cheese making, being both high in butterfat and protein. Around 80% of the flavour of the final cheese comes from the milk itself, and the depth of flavour present in this fresh, soft cheese is testament to our fantastic milk!

The Original

The founding star of our cheese portfolio, Nortons Soft Cheese (formally known as St Swithins Soft) is where it all began. The judges in the British Cheese Awards in 2012 could not have been more complimentary and awarded it with a gold medal. “The small attractive fresh cheese has a refreshing citrusy tang and creamy back notes and it seems to just melt in the mouth – mild and subtle but definitely not bland“.

With Lavender

Nortons Soft Cheese with Lavender is a unique and unusual flavour combination but certainly not to be missed. This delicious cheese won the overall award for the Best Flavour Added cheese at the British Cheese Awards in 2017, and features in the World Cheese Book. Not only this, our Soft Cheese with Lavender won a gold medal at the same awards in both 2012 and 2017.

The judges’ from the Cheese Awards thought the cheese was a “rather pleasant and an unusual combination of flavours that play gently across the palate“. And to be awarded the best in category is a massive compliment! That’s one of the top 10 cheeses in the whole country!


With Chilli

Nortons Soft Cheese with Chilli combines the cool, creamy smoothness of our soft cheese with the heat of fiery crushed chillies. This cheese is a brilliant ingredient to be used in the kitchen, adding heat to a bowl of warm tomato soup and spice to any number of pasta dishes. This cheese is a favourite among those who prefer a bold-flavoured, savoury cheese.

With Apricot

Nortons Soft Cheese with Apricot is a perennial favourite with our customers. This light-flavoured, soft cheese uses the sweetness of dried apricots to enhance the natural, citrus flavour of the cheese. The cheese is perfect for a cheeseboard, spread over a cracker and served with local chutney or simply crumbled into a summer salad.

Limited Edition Flavours

Look our for our seasonal and limited edition flavour combinations, only available direct from us at markets and festivals. Flavours produced so far include Orange and Cranberry, Black Pepper and Chive and Sun-dried Tomato and Basil.