Natural Yogurt

Here at Nortons we like to keep things simple, and our natural yogurt is no exception!  Our yogurt is made simply with our own fresh, pasteurised whole milk combined with a live yogurt culture; no added sugar, thickeners, flavourings or preservatives.

Our yogurt is naturally smooth and sweet with a delicious rich creaminess which is all thanks to the quality of our milk. We believe that there is no need to make additions when the fresh, natural product is flavoursome enough on its own.

In its first year, our yogurt was awarded a bronze medal at the British Cheese Awards 2017 and has already become a favourite amongst our local suppliers.

This simple but delicious yogurt is perfect when served with fruits and cereals or crunchy granola, can be used in a marinade, made into a dip or used to cool off a curry. With a three-week fresh shelf life and the ability to be frozen. our yogurt is definitely worth keeping a stock of!