We believe wholeheartedly in the quality and freshness of our milk. Now, we pasteurise our milk for sale through local shops and businesses throughout the Broadland area and make our fabulous and award winning St Swithins Soft cheese and slow matured Nortons Yogurt throughout the country.

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Pasteurised milk

Our processing system seeks to maintain the structure and composition of the milk as close as possible to its natural state, because this means you get the best tasting product possible.  After each cow visits the  milking robot, her milk is carefully filtered and collected into a chill tank, allowing it to be cooled straight away to 3°C.  When we are ready to pasteurise the milk, we carry it just 20 yards across the farmyard in a movable mini-bulk tank to our specially built hygienic pasteurising unit.  The milk is then fed into the pasteurising machine using a gravity feed system, minimising disruption to the composition of the milk and the energy required to process our dairy products.

We do not “homogenise” our milk (where the cream is taken out, broken down into little fat globules and put back in to distribute through the milk consistently).  This process helps mass-produced milk stay on supermarket shelves for longer, but we believe in fresh milk and preserving the natural structure and taste of our milk as much as possible.  Just like the old days, shake the bottle to mix in the creamy top, or pour it straight from the bottle for a richer breakfast milk or cooking ingredient.

To make skimmed and semi-skimmed milk, during the pasteurisation process we separate out the cream from the whole milk.  Whole milk contains just 4% fat anyway, but this is reduced to 2% for semi-skimmed milk and a tiny 0.5% for skimmed milk. Most of this delicious spare cream is available for purchase straight up as luxury double cream and a small amount we will be making into butter.  Both are truly delicious!