Welcome to Nortons’ Dairy

Join us on a quest to watch over a small herd of seriously pampered dairy cows… These girls run the show on our farm. They dine on lush green grass under wide Norfolk skies in the summer, sleep cosy on a bed of sweet straw in the winter, and drink nothing but fresh filtered water. Every day they choose when to be milked and even indulge in two months holiday a year. We humans are here to cater for their every need, but we don’t mind because we know happy, contented cows produce great milk, and great milk makes amazing, award winning dairy produce. Its a quest to do the best we can do, because if a job’s worth doing, its worth doing properly. Come and join us…

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Nortons St Swithins Soft with Lavender – Category Winner at British Cheese Awards 2017:
Best British Flavour Added Cheese